Lift Anyone From Seated To Standing With Ease

Liberty Lift is an ergonomic lifting device, designed to help you lift anyone from seated to standing with ease. Now, you can safely get your loved one out of the couch or car in seconds. Simply grip and walk back. Liberty Lifts' unique design uses the physics of leverage along with your own body weight, to increase your lifting potential. And the textured handles have a non-slip grip, for extra confidence and safety with every use. It’s great for rehabilitation, lifting heavier people or assisting those with mobility issues that find it difficult to stand up. Liberty Lift is also lightweight and portable, so it’s perfect for use at home or on the go.

IT'S AS EASY AS 1-2-3:





“Hands down the best lift assist device I’ve ever used!”

Mike Battistelli Former AMR Paramedic 16 years. Current Position: Head Paramedic.

“I’ve used device several times lifting patients post surgery from hospital beds, chairs, bathrooms, Etc.”

Vicki Mallozzi RN Fairfield Vascular Clinic Fairfield, CT.

“When I’m sitting and need my husband’s help to get me out of the chair, we now use the Liberty Lift. He no longer has to lean over to help me up. No more stress on my husband’s back. This new product has given me the confidence and comfort knowing that my loved ones can now assist helping me up with ease.”

Patricia Connors Retired - Stratford, CT.


1. Can you wash the Liberty Lift?

Yes you can wash with any detergent and is top shelf dishwasher safe.

2. How much weight is it rated for?

Up to 400lbs with dead vertical weight and up to 800lbs with incline use, which is the most common use of the Liberty Lift.

3. Does the length create more leverage when lifting an individual?

Yes, because it creates the physics term “inclined plane”, it gives you significantly more leverage especially with those who are heavier than yourself.

4. Can anyone use it?

It can be used by most people, but it is not for everyone. The individual being assisted must be able to maintain some kind of grip to the device.

5. Where can it be used?

It’s perfect for low seating couches, chairs, toilets, cars, and lifting those who are heavier than yourself.

6. Is this product patented?

Yes! The Liberty Lift is patented.